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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  November 18, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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by federalwed agents. religious rants. >> it is a seemingly bizarre audition tape for the oprah show.y hope it will lend insight to amend this a try to it -- to this man who tried to assassinate the president. just a coincidence that it look like jesus. jesushe modern-day christ. was a little back-and- forth. he was like a person that was mentally troubled. >> troubled enough, the fbi says, that he fired up to nine house becausehite believes mr. obama was "the christ." the president was not at home was hurt. now it is time to talk about the system. he was fixated on the
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a bullynt's role as countries andcing his past gang membership and it comes to taking action. if you want power, you better earnings. constantlyto stop asking questions and just follow your heart. fight for what is right. fight for the truth. fight for our freedom. >> ortega-hernandez could be brought back to d.c. to face the charges of attempted , and if convicted it could put him behind bars for life. gordon. >> scott thuman, thank you. for the complete version of video, families ofrno's the legendary team leader has long cancer. his son, scott, says it is treatable and doctors are have a polle will recovery.
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the diagnosis was made last weekend. this afternoon, the house controversial amendment amidst growing concerns about the super committee and its apparent inability. far the have not yet come to on $1.20 trillion in once again, the clock is ticking on capitol hill. we do not have much time. >> we are painfully aware. >> there will be a game plan to reduce the deficit by $1.20 trillion over the next decade. >> they are once again digging in their deals on making rapid spending cuts. neither party wants to be the away from the negotiating table. >> as the clock winds down, they
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get to something bold, and balanced. >> the super committee was created this summer. the partisans sticking points thed very similar to showdown of the the debt ceiling. do not want the tax increases and democrats do not that makes cuts to entitlement programs. both parties want to avoid the cuts, and but those be easier politically for anything else on the table. learning new details the secret service protection granted to herman cain. the security detail began last
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night and there has been about theg stories reason from death threats to attention.edia less than one hour ago, he addressed these questions in a brief press conference in florida. >> the thing about secret service is that things are secret. just that it was time of mye of the popularity campaign to go to that next that. >> he also cited the recent of his standing in the polls and the increasing scrutiny of his campaign. the secret service is not commenting. it is the first republican get secret service protection. police in college park are two men that robbed night.nt last believed to have an image of one of the suspects. they say this man attempted to use a stolen credit card at a drugstore. accomplice walked up to a 19-year-old student last near the school chapel and
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wallet. his have any impression about call the please police. the georgetown man accused of murdering his wife will be to represent himself. he claims to be general in the iraqi army. he says he does not want to be defendera public failed to pass messages to the pentagon and white house. they say he is not really an general. charged with killing his wife, viola drath. still to come, the tragic hollywood legend natalie wood. later, the case is reopened. is prompting new police action? >> metro station closings that impact on your holiday travel plans. >> at why the small and needs a shot in the arm.
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21 brand-new buildings. a live report coming up. >> and i am doug hill in the furniture weather center. friday.tic chance this will last through the weekend?
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\ it was once one of the most
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premier shopping areas in the d.c. area. whiteey will be developed area. >> it will of multi-story buildings and apartment complexes. nothing will happen overnight. about a 25-year plan here. it is already getting off the ground. this whole stretch will completely change, including flint mall. it is back in the 1970's, not what it used to be. now what is pretty much empty. ag and competition has taken and competition has's they want to replace it with 21 in a mix of retail come apartments, and a hotel. huge actually a part of a
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overhaul. they changed the zoning last replacing the with mixed use development up to 30-stories high. and taylor would stay, so bloomingdales. the biggest concern we heard it be traffic. if there is any more traffic it, it will be gridlock all the time. >> of these homes will be particularly affected. like this one are bracing for things to get worse. bu[unintelligible] can be aille pike nightmare, but they are envisioning a dedicated lane for a rapid bus route. there will submit sketches
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to the county planning next 45 days.he live in bethesda, abc7 news. still the come on abc7 news, years ago, natalie and's death was ruled accidental drowning. was it? been reopened. >> the dramatic cooled down today. what will the weekend bring us? >> we will tell you how the redskins are gearing up, plus the washington national paying a asit to his second home after very tumultuous week.
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detectives are reopening the the death of into natalie wood who died in the -- author of the coast of southern california. robert with her husband, wagner, and christopher walken. the boat captains says wagner fighting momentum for she died. -- and wood were fighting. >> robert wagner told me she missing.
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i said we needed to call somebody. going to doere not that. economic growth will surge in -- upcominghs months. .9% last month. analysts predicted that a strong hold steady will throughout december. the popular kirsch reaching opened this afternoon. -- it was to a delightful popular grocery store afternoon. it's across from the clarendon metro station. expect trader joe's to help
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stimulate the economy. starting at 10:00 p.m. tonight, planning metro road stops. run betweennot pentagon and king street. shuttle buses will be available. exhibit will the firstorrow, lady's exhibit. important rolee the first ladies' plate in the bid andtial restoration. it includes 26 stretches -- ms.sses and personal ite the and also look how the role has changed. doug's role never changes. sometimes on friday. a great weekend, folks.
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these are the numbers we have you.e some of the coldest. pretty chilly already. average highs still in the upper 50's. all the way down to falls church. in wintergreen. 48 was the high. here is the average, still 57.dn -- around 57. we have been as warm as 80 degrees. 36 in gaithersburg and the numbers are heading down. the cold air is all over the place and caribou, maine, down. of a warm-up happening just to the west. this push of milder air with temperatures in the 50's to the
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midwest and central plains. we will start to pick up even warmer air. southwest wind developing, and some cloudiness increase to the west. a clear day and a clear, cold, still might. will pick up a little bit of this southwestern flow. then it will move into sunday, more of a push of southwestern went along with increasing 60'siness into the lower and this cold front will be a be in the area monday, tuesday come and lender on wednesday. energy will come along with a series of showers. best news is if the timing the computer models is right, the eastld push off to digging for good evening travel conditions on
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wednesday and a beautiful day on thanksgiving. weekendgrees, for the tomorrow. increasing clouds on sunday. here are the next seven days. low 60's monday and tuesday. it 30%-40% chance of showers clearing out once again. nice thanksgiving day and shopping on friday looking out nice. desk.e toyota sports localt to you by your toyota dealers. moving it forward. >> wilson ramos back home, so to speak. a testament to his character. he is kidnapped from his home in venezuela. was rescued at gunpoint, reunited with his family, and today was reunited
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his second family, the washington nationals. the manager there embracing him, see.u he will fly back to his home tonight and play with the venezuelan winter league. there will be heightened security. get back toants to baseball. wants to put this whole ordeal behind him. >> thanks to the family for support.nd be here with my family. i just wanted to make sure healthy, andppy, does give it a finality to us. baseball. move on to >> some good news. there was a bleak picture to what would ordinarily be a very dallas week. the redskins have dropped five the cowboys have taken three of the last four, recently stomping the 44-7.o bills there is a lot the skins defense
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for. to keep an eye out but remember this play? scrambling out of the eventually would sealed this deal. their offense? they are ranked 27 to in the league. they believed it -- they believe they can do it. .> it all 11 guys on offense drive.k out this 17-13. over the jets tebow only completed 9 passes. a qb rating in the 60's.
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now 4-1 starting. the united did not make major league soccer playoffs. you received a 72% of the vote for mvp. he came in a trade midseason with united. shot on thesecond sixth hole. land on the green, making it a beeline. the u.s. leads 7-5. cup.t to 17.5 wins the the u.s. leads 7-5. cup.t to 17.5 wins the
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report card of women in the --oard room foudn women europe has the most women directors. they credit the quota laws. the findings were released today
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discussingng in where i was moderator. ofmaureen bunyan, the ceo the 6:00 p.m. news. sunday, a few on showers monday, tuesday, clearing late wednesday. looks good with with highs in the low 50's. will take a fresh look at the on 11. [ male announcer ] the chicken marinara melt
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